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    It’s 2022 and content creation is driving sales like never before! There’s a lot to learn about content creation - it’s not just the camera equipment that you've got to understand, it’s creating content fit for your target audience that really matters. You have to know who you're talking to, to be able to make great content!


    So, we bundled this deal so that you can get both of what you need!

    The Content Creation Masterclass helps with . . .
    -You don’t how to create content that communicates your brands message and you want to get more intentional with your content creation production
    -You’re creating content but it doesn’t get the engagement you’d like to see
    -You’re posting the same content over and over again; you need help with ideas and creativity
    -You don’t know how to create quality content or even what types of equipment needed
    -You want to learn how to edit your content to elevate your brands look and feel
    -You struggle with creating Reels and TikTok videos
    -Your captions suck and you need help with copywriting
    -You don’t know how to read your analytics to find with forms for content works best
    -You simply don't know how to batch and plan content creation

    If this is you and you’re ready to level up your content then this is the masterclass for you!

    This 3-part masterclass will cover...
    -Know Exactly Which Type Of Content To Produce
    -Understanding Target Demographic And Psychographic
    -Understanding Content Fit For Your Target Audience
    -Creating Content To Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition
    -Content Creation Process With Your Smartphone:
    -Types Of Content To Create; Understanding Content Pillars
    -Content Creation Apps, Resources, and Equipment
    -Mastering Copy Writing And Caption Creation
    -Batch Creating Content And Scheduling
    -LIVE Content Creation Demonstration
    -Reading And Understanding Content Analytics
    -Analyzing Content Performance
    -Creating A Content Plan Based On Analytics And Data
    and more!


    The Who Are You Talking To? Masterclass helps with . . .

    If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. Point, blank, period! It’s not enough to simply post content to Instagram and hope that your followers click the checkout button. Clear storytelling and marketing strategies that relate back to your target audience will do much more for your business than just winging it. 

    Having an understanding of your brand's target audience is one of the first and most important aspects to your marketing strategy. You need to understand why your ideal customer would want to purchase from you. Are you solving a problem for your audience? Can they afford your products? Are you having problems creating content for your target audience? Having issues buying inventory and not sure who you’re actually buying for?


    • Identifying your mass market 

    • Defining your brands niche

    • Understanding the importance of identifying your target audience

    • How to segment your audience (market segmentation)

    • Creating buyer personas

    • Conducting market and competitor research

    • Understanding your audience’s pain points

    • Organizing an efficient customer journey

    • Creative storytelling to communicate with your audience


    Who Are You Talking To?:

    • Target Audience Workbook: This is a multipage downloadable PDF workbook that will help you to establish and define your tribe of consumers. It has been designed to help you get as specific as possible about your ideal customer. This workbook will be sent to you via email 48 hours ahead of our masterclass. 

      • Target audience outline

      • Buyer persona + customer profile

      • Market segmentation

      • Emotional mapping

      • Customer pain points

      • Content brainstorm

      • and more!

    • PDF download of the entire presentation


    Masterclass Bundle