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Let's get you on the road to a fulfilling biz!

Let’s explore what maximizing your profits with an achievable strategy (and fun!)  can do for your e-Commerce biz!

Whether you’re biz is fully developed and you’re feeling stuck, or you’re new to entrepreneurship entirely, this 3-hour Zoom call can be used to pick my brain however you please.

e-Comm Lab


You can use a VIP day for anything your heart desires (that we can reasonably achieve in a day)! If you'd like to have a website in a day, we've got you. Hoping to set up an e-commerce funnels? We can make that happen, too. Did you recently work with a brand agency to get a logo and branding done? We can help you build out social media content and other marketing materials or strategies. This is a customized 3-hour call for Troyia help you build your business through structure and strategy. 

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What can I use my VIP Days for?

Has your website been put on the back burner? Your pricing and content strategies are out of date, you need help building a sales funnel, you re-branded and your site is still not up-to-date. You need a help building a 5-figure brand and you need it NOW. Do any of these sound like you? Let's get those checked off your to-do list. 

→ Shopify backend assistance (apps, set-up, website banners, etc.)
→ Email and SMS Marketing 
→ Instagram and TikTok content strategy
→ Content Creation set-up and planning
→ Launch campaign planning 
→ E-commerce shop setup
→ SEO setup
→ Product pricing and descriptions 
→ Omnichannel marketing and presence
→ Social Commerce
→ Data and Analytics 
→ and more!

Here's how it works:

Let's get you on the road to a fulfilling biz!

What does a typical VIP Experience look like?

After securing your VIP Day date and submitting your payment, you’ll sign my Work Agreement and fill out a brief questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you and business needs. Within this questionnaire, I will ask you about your expectations, wins,  and opportunities for growth. This will allow me to understand what area we need to focus on during the call.


For example, if you're having a hard time grasping target audience, we will spend the first half of the call outing how it your business will serve and how you will serve them. Remember, this is a custom call, please let me know where it is that you need assistance and I will guide you through structure and strategy,




First, we’ll meet during your designated time and make sure that all my research is on track for your brand!


Then, we will begin Troyia to begin presenting your customized lesson covering various topics and information as it relates to the items discussed in your questionnaire. 

Next, we take a 15-minute break to grab a drink of water, use the restroom, etc. 

Finally, we will put together a game plan and strategy that you can follow for the next 3 months to hit your goals. 

Lastly, we will recap the call and make time for any questions or concerns that weren't clarified during the training. 


You’ll have email and WhatsApp access to me for questions, comments, or concerns for 14 days after our VIP Day. This is your time to receive feedback on the information you received during our VIP DAY. 



Real Women. Real Results.


“Launch 360° has impacted me so much. I am learning a lot of important information I need to be a successful business owner. There's a lot of information in the course. I am learning how to speak to my target audience instead of speaking at them. I learned how important knowing my target audience is when it comes to the success of my business. “

Tina C.

Owners of Drip N Fashion


“Launch 360° is great! I’ve definitely learned a lot. If it had not been for the mentorship program, Hustle-Holics and Launch 360°, I would have been setting myself up for failure. I was so blessed to come across Troyia on Youtube almost a year ago. Over half the stuff you’ve taught me, even if I had read across it, I wouldn’t have been able to put it together. You pieced it together for me.”  

Dee Dee G. 
Owner of Little Beaux Boutique

“I absolutely love the Launch 360° program. I cannot express to you enough. Before I started the program, I was actually going to just quit to be honest. Believe it or not, this is not the first program I joined. When I heard you on the Wine Down Wednesday, I knew I wanted to join. It is the best decision I ever made.”
- Chanika D. 
Owner of Her Stylez Boutique

What my clients are saying...


you are a current or aspiring female e-commerce business owner who wants to launch, grow, and scale a 5-figure business without paid marketing.

Pay-In-Full Investment: $657 (SAVE MORE!)
Payment Plan: Split your payment into 4-equal payments of $174.25 with Sezzle!


This is for you if...

Book your spot & let Troyia help you create a 6-figure strategy

Don’t miss your chance – I only schedule 8 VIP Days per month. Let’s give you back your time, take away your frustration, and make some magic happen!